Commercial Projects

Verna buildings are designed to make their tenants proud.

From day care centers to industrial parks, Verna Properties has constructed every size and type of commercial building project, and each time we create an environment that allows our clients to be as productive as possible. We currently own and manage 500,000 square feet of commercial space and provide excellent customer service to more than 65 tenants.

commercial constructionVerna Properties provides a wide range of commercial services, from general contracting to project management. In every area we stress attention to detail and meeting all of the client's needs.

During 40-plus years of serving the Connecticut business community, we have built up the knowledge and experience needed to handle large or small commercial projects in a timely, responsive and professional manner.

  • What Our Commercial Clients Are Saying

    "Buildings are always well cared for, very clean and well maintained. The office staff is always professional and easy to deal with. I would recommend to anyone a rental space in a Verna-owned property."
    Sandy Fredericks, Radiology Associates

    "BSL Telephony Services, Inc. has been a tenant of Verna Management since 1989. During our long association with Verna they have been an asset to our operation. Any and all problems that have arisen during this time have been resolved quickly in a professional manner. We look forward to continuing this relationship in the years ahead."
    Roger A Bissell, president and CEO, BSL Telephony Services, Inc.

    "As a tenant at Harvest Park we are extremely pleased with the level of service that has been provided by Verna Management. The Verna team worked with us in a timely, professional manner in outfitting the building to meet our needs."
    William J, Lacourciere, president, and Joseph A. Vincent, executive vice president, Dixtel Medical, Inc.

    "I have been meaning to send you a note for a long time thanking you for the job you, your brothers and employees do in making sure your tenants are content. In the nearly 8 years that we have been at your property on 801 North Main Street Extension we have found Verna Properties to be OUTSTANDING landlords on every level. From build out to maintenance to repairs your staff has proven over and over that you truly value your tenants! From day one, in April of 2007, our build out was done quickly and exactly to our specifications with quality products and workmanship. Since that time regular maintenance has also been accomplished consistently and thoroughly. Verna Properties regularly maintains the building as well as the landscape and parking lot. Over the last few years we’ve had some very challenging winters requiring extensive snow and ice clean up and your guys have been more than up to the task! In any property there will be times when things get damaged or may just need to be tweaked. When the occasional repair is needed the response has been the same, amazing!  When we are in need of any type of help your brother Marco 1) answers the phone right away or if he is unable to he calls right back 2) typically has someone here the same day, often within a couple hours for minor issues 3) shows up himself immediately for more pressing issues! In addition, when other staff members are sent here they are courteous and professional. They make whatever repair is needed and more importantly they do it right the first time!! As with all things that Verna does, They don’t cut corners or find the easy way out. They do it the right way. It has been a pleasure teaming up with you and your company and I look forward to many more years as a Verna Property tenant."
    David Symonds,Owner/General Manager, PROSHRED Security